Digital real-time networking for the perfect POS

SIG SALES represents the supply chain of its customers in digital real time using Sales 360 and thus plays a decisive role in the implementation of the digital transformation.
SALES 360™ connects the respective customer requirements to the Point of Service with the various organisational units within SIG sales – all together in one system!

KPI cockpit & roll-based LIVE access

Each customer gets their priorities set up using a KPI dashboard in the SALES 360 application. In addition, new POS impressions are uploaded as photos into the KPI cockpit every 5 minutes and the customer can follow project development – live and in real time!

POS Intelligence

Our philosophy is to use the digital transformation to map out the last few metres with full transparency. SIG SALES has been dedicated to the necessary change in corporate culture for years. Well-coordinated teams, which are clearly controlled by means of KPIs, operate with high personal responsibility at the POS. More than 6500 employees are digitally interlinked in these teams.

Digital Process 360

Quality management

As a communication platform, the digital service card makes our service at the POS transparent. It maps the market parameters as well as a market’s service history and helps to ensure that all service fields are interlinked in an effective manner. The ‘one view approach’ is the aim here – to communicate efficiently and without losses due to interfaces.

Track & Trace principle

A digital Track & Trace logic connects the individual subareas, provides information about completed goods deliveries in a proactive way and thus demonstrably reduces empty runs and set-up times. So our customers’ deliveries are placed earlier than planned and this eliminates out-of-stock situations before they arise!